How to Throw an Awesome Super Bowl Party

Whether you’re a huge football fan or not, the Super Bowl is always something to get excited for. Why? Because it’s an amazing excuse to throw a party! Invite your friends and family to your home for a fun and cozy watch party using these tips..

  1. Make sure you have the snacks!: You can’t watch football without food! Football is known for food like chicken wings, hot dogs or burgers, dips, pizza, and so on. You can even make a big pot of chilli with a toppings table to fill your guests up quickly while paying attention to your budget. If you’re good in the kitchen, whip these up yourself. Or, you can always cater it! 

  2. Don’t forget the beer!: Beer is the drink of football, so make sure you have plenty of it on hand. You can make it more unique by researching and purchasing craft beers from each team’s city, this year being Kansas City and San Francisco. If you’re feeling like mixing up something stronger, Pinterest has thousands of Super Bowl cocktail ideas. Don’t forget soft drinks, juices, and waters for your non-drinking friends and family or kids. 

  3. Play some games yourself: Have everyone get to know each other by putting your guests on teams. Create a football trivia game beforehand and have your guests compete during commercials. The team that wins gets a prize of your choosing! 

  4. Decorate!: Make the party extra inviting by decorating your home for the theme. Buy decorations of both teams colors and put one team’s decorations on one side, and the other team’s on the opposite side. Your guests can choose where they want to sit and cheer on their team. Stores like Walmart, Target and Party City have plenty of Super Bowl decorations to choose from. 

  5. Make party favors: If you want your guests to feel SUPER special, no pun intended, create little gift bags for them to take as they head home. Since we sadly don’t get the Monday after the game off work, putting together hangover cures like Gatorade, mini water bottles, Advil or Tylenol, and homemade cookies can get them back on track for the next day. 

  6. Make sure your guests get home safely: If alcohol is at your party, make sure your guests get home safely and make sure they don’t drink and drive. Tell your guests to get ride apps such as Uber or Lyft, which are free to download and free to make an account. Taxis are always available too. 

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